Health and Safety Precautions

In response to shifting COVID-19 protocols, all fall circles will have a maximum ratio of 12 participants with 2 guides. We will not have shared meals or snacks, and participants and staff will comply with updated CDC recommendations for health and safety. (Read our complete COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan.) Each program will have 2 extra sessions scheduled in both fall and spring semesters as some cancellations will likely be necessary due to rain, wildfire smoke, COVID-19, or other unforeseen circumstances. Our programs meet outdoors at local parks. If it becomes unsafe to meet outdoors, groups will either move to an indoor space with appropriate health and safety requirements, or programming will move temporarily online and Guides will provide meaningful and connective content through Zoom.


Nature and Soul Based Programs Honoring Life’s Changes


Gaia Passages centers youth expressing their full selves in multicultural nature-based programs, empowering all to connect deeply with Earth wisdom within an intergenerational community of support and creative play.


We envision a world where humans embody love for our earth, each of us acting with justice and compassion, honoring our creative selves, one another, and all our wild relations.

*Gaia Passages (formally Gaia Girls Passages) centers the feminine while being a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community of belonging. Read more about how we approach gender here.


Summer and School Year Programs Open for Enrollment!


Pop in and learn more! Caregivers and their youth are invited to meet our staff, learn about our philosophy and experience our curriculum at our monthly online info sessions

Watch Gaia Passages In Action…


*Studies show a rising percentage of youth who say they don’t fit traditional gender norms. More are identifying themselves with nontraditional gender labels such as transgender or gender-fluid.

Our Cultural Thriving initiative is generously funded by the Horner Foundation.

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