I love how whenever you arrive, no matter how your day was, you can’t help but feel happy.

– Growing Oaks Participant

Growing Oaks

Earth Based Joy and Connection For Youth Ages 7-11

Our Growing Oaks circles center connection and relationship.  These connections are nurtured through immersive experiences on the lands of the Lisjan Ohlone people. Youth are supported in deepening their relationship to place, through playing games and exploration on the land together over the course of the 8 month immersive program.  

During the circles we will learn with the earth and our peers about making  fire by friction, understanding what the birds are talking about, how to read the happenings of place through the track and sign of our animal kin through deep listening.

In our circles, we will have the opportunity to cultivate our relations with the plants through weaving, structure building, herbal medicine making, and natural dyes.

Connecting with the Natural world

We play fun and meaningful games and activities that mimic natural relationships and teach how to stay in partnership the earth.

Meeting Plant Allies

We create bonds with our plant allies through creative writing, journaling, observation and respectful harvesting for teas and herbal applications.

Creating Beauty

We make natural crafts such as baskets, herbal medicines, natural beauty products, and more…

Expressing and Using Voice

Through improv theatre exercises, a talking stick circle, and learning explicit social and emotional tools, participants enjoy playful, spontaneous, and thoughtful self-expression. Topics addressed include self-love and being our own friend first, how to identify and speak about feelings, approaches for conflict, the changing nature of body and mind, and topics brought by the youth themselves!

Learning about Emotional and Physical Changes

We discuss in fun, comfortable and age-appropriate ways, the emotional and physical changes youth are approaching or experiencing already.

Parent Circles

There will be two sessions exclusively for parents and caregivers to create a collaborative space for support on how we can all best show up for your child in this time.