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At her core is a sense of security, self connectedness, love, groundedness and earth connection, that Gaia Passages has been instrumental in helping her develop.  She’s so ready for her independence.

– Backpacking and long time Gaia Participant’s Mother


Check back as summer 2021 approaches for our lineup of teen backpacking trips in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Point Reyes National Sea Shore, and Big Sur.


Our teen years are inundated with messages about who and how we’re supposed to be. It becomes hard, sometimes near impossible, to hear our inner voice or to know where to turn to for good life advice.

Nothing clears the mind and connects us with our hearts like the natural world.

Earth is our most honest ally, and if we slow down enough to listen to the lessons that surround us, we have everything we need to hear to be strong, authentic, compassionate people.

And at a time when teens are seeking to grow in their independence, responsibility, and abilities, nothing quite helps us stand so tall as spending a week taking care of all your needs just with the pack on your back, the world around you, and your own two hands. Our sense of empowerment and ability can grow leaps and bounds.

  • We include in our definition of “girl” teens who are transgender, genderqueer, and gender expansive who feel that Gaia Passages is a supportive home for them.  In addition, all sexual orientations are welcome.

Backpacking Manager Caitlin Davies has years of experience in the backcountry, will be one of the lead guides on both trips, and is excited to answer any questions you have specific to our Backcountry trips! Read more about Caitlin here.

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