At her core is a sense of security, self connectedness, love, groundedness and earth connection, that Gaia Passages has been instrumental in helping her develop.  She’s so ready for her independence.

– Backpacking and long time Gaia Participant’s Mother


Now Enrolling for teens entering grades 7-11!

Come venture with Gaia Passages for 5 days and 4 nights in the breathtaking backcountry of Point Reyes National Seashore!


Backpacking in Point Reyes National Seashore

Only 50 miles from the East Bay, Point Reyes offers a perfect introduction to backpacking, or a place to deepen in your teenager’s backcountry skills and confidence. 

Gaia Passages creates an environment that helps youth thrive by providing powerful role-modeling and mentorship, a caring community of girl-identified and gender expansive youth and women, attention to social emotional landscapes, and ceremony to support the transitions during teenage years. We honor each person’s full unique spirit, celebrating where we are and where we are going, every step of the way.  Spending time immersed in the backcountry away from modern technologies provides youth an invaluable time to connect to themselves, their values, healthy friendships, and to the wonders of nature. Participants will gain confidence by learning how to rely on themselves, each other, and all of nature’s elements in the backcountry. Join us for this memorable experience!

Activities will include:

  • backpacking and hiking on trails
  • plant identification, including edible and medicinal plants
  • navigating with maps and without
  • backcountry cooking
  • animal tracking
  • stargazing
  • backcountry crafts
  • nature journaling
  • deep listening
  • hive mind ~ skills for being part of a team 
  • leadership skills
  • coastal geology and forest ecosystem explorations
  • communication and introspection tools
  • leave no trace ethics
  • nature art …. and more!

Note: Variable weather is common in Point Reyes. 

Physical Ability: Hikes are easy to moderate. Must be able to carry over 30 lbs. of weight in their packs while hiking in rugged terrain. Please feel free to contact if you have any concerns around physical ability.

Summer 2021 Teen Backpacking Sessions


July 18-22, 2021 Basecamp Backpacking

Basecamp backpacking is an excellent way to experience the thrill of adventure for those new to backpacking. We will set up our basecamp on an oceanside campground, and spend four evenings under the stars with the sounds of the waves nearby. We will get to know the local environment deeply, with day hikes and activities within a few miles of our basecamp.


July 25 – 29, 2021 Hike-Thru Backpacking

Our Hike-Thru Backpacking experience is an easy to moderate  multiple-site exploration of the Point Reyes National Seashore. We will be carrying our gear across from site to site, camping under the stars surrounded by forest and by the ocean. In four nights and five days, we will be like a nomad group, hiking across beautiful scenery, sharing stories, and building deep relationships while building physical endurance.

photo of three youth jumping up in a field of flowers


Point Reyes Trips

Early Bird %5 off: ends March 07

Subsidized $1100
Standard $1250
Actual $1400

Learn more about our tuition tiers here 

  • We include in our definition of “girl” teens who are transgender, genderqueer, and gender expansive who feel that Gaia Passages is a supportive home for them.  In addition, all sexual orientations are welcome.

Our backcountry trips are organized and led by our lead guide and backcountry coordinator, Martha Moss. Martha is an avid backpacker, Certified California Naturalist and NOLS trained Wilderness Trip Leader. One additional awesome Gaia Passages Guide will co-lead the trip as well. Read more about Martha here.

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