Wildflowers grades 4-5, Oakland (Wed)
Wildflowers grades 2-3, Berkeley (Thurs)
Wildflowers grades 4-5, Berkeley (Thurs)
Wildflowers grades 4-5, Santa Cruz (Tues)

2021-2022 Wildflowers Schedules Here!

Registration and Group Size

School Year 2021-2022 Programs will have twelve participants and 2 guides.  We continue to monitor the shifts in Covid-19 protocols and restrictions and are committed to offering programs the health of the youth, their families, and the amazing guides who facilitate Gaia Passages circles.


Specific public park locations will be sent to you before the group begins.
Locations are dependent on local park availability as some rules and regulations have changed due to COVID-19.



First week of programs will be week of October 4, 2021 and run consecutively until early May. Day of week is listed above and exact dates will be sent upon registration.

All wildflower circles include: 

  • 20 after school gatherings (3 hours – reduced by 30 mins if on Zoom)
  • 4 weekend gatherings from 10am-2pm
  • 1 optional caregiver-only gathering
  • 1 one-on-one caregiver or youth meeting with guide

2020 Wildflowers Schedules Coming Soon!

*If everyone enrolled would like to meet earlier in the day this will be determined once enrolled. GP schedules were made to accommodate school schedules, but given that many are not attending physical schools, there may be flexibility to meet earlier in the day.

photo of youth looking at different leaves on a blanket


ACTUAL: $2.250
MEDIAN: $2,000

TIMELINE: Early Bird and Scholarship Applications deadline is June 15th

PAYMENT PLANS: Payment plans are available within registration.
Initial $350 deposit required and the remaining balance is debited
in equal amounts on the 5th of each month.

SCHOLARSHIPS: A scholarship up to $100 can be applied for in the standard registration process.
Scholarships over $100 must be applied for through our separate application.

Health and Safety Precautions

In response to COVID-19, all fall circles will have a ratio twelve participants with 2 guides. We will no longer have shared meals or snacks. While all programs take place outdoors, participants and staff will comply with updated CDC recommendations for health and safety. (Read our complete COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan.) Each program will have 2 extra sessions scheduled in both fall and spring semesters, as some cancellations will likely be necessary due to rain, wildfire smoke, COVID-19, or other unforeseen circumstances. If it becomes unsafe to meet outdoors, programming will move temporarily online, program time will be reduced by 30 mins, and staff will provide meaningful and connective content through Zoom.

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