I can see that she is bringing Gaia practices into her life outside of her time within her circle.   This is a great counterbalance to this technological world we are living in!

– Wildflowers Parent


Join us for this unique opportunity to design a custom mentoring experience for your child!
With classroom learning stalled, and group activities banned,
lack of human and nature connection is a concern for many parents. 

Once we have your information we will match you with one of our amazing guides who will work with you to design a nature based mentoring experience for your youth. All staff are trained in the Gaia Passages model and bring with them professionalism, nature connection and ancestral arts mentoring, and social emotional skill sets that will weave into their time on the land with your child(ren).  

Our Custom Mentoring Groups:

Group Size: 1-4 participants

Ages: Second grade through high school. 

Who: All participants shall be within 2 years of each other.

What: All core curriculum is available in a modified version for a smaller group or for a one-on-one. 

Where: Custom mentoring is available in the East Bay, Marin, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco.

When: On the inquiry form, families may request desired gathering duration, frequency,  and preferred days of the week and times. 

Flexible Packages:

Custom mentoring programs will be conducted outdoors in a local park or open space. Your schedule will be refined with your Gaia Passages guide and can include 3-12 hours/ week. The program will also include a caregiver gathering with all participating families, as well as two one-on-one conversations between caregivers from each family and the guide. In addition to regular weekday gatherings, weekend days and group campouts are also an option. Total tuition is approximately $150/ hour, split amongst participants. The more participants, the less expensive custom mentoring is for each family.

Custom Mentoring programs are CUSTOMIZED to meet each family’s and youth’s specific wants and needs.  We ask that one primary caretaker spearhead and organize the formation of each group, as we may not be able to fill custom groups from our own marketing efforts. Gaia Passages will have limited capacity to suggest group combinations, but do reach out if you want a pod and need help finding others with shared interests. We will do what we can.

Let the Design Begin!

The beauty of this opportunity is that you can co-design with your program lead and your child(ren) which nature and social emotional skills you would like to emphasize.   We know that getting outdoors and having strong, consistent mentorship is a recipe for resilience, connection, and creativity. We look forward to partnering with you in this challenging time. 

We will be in touch within 10 days with further information!

Your support will plant seeds that bloom far into the future…


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