When I first came out, everyone was super supportive and kind. I am so happy that I have such a loving and kind community that supports who I am, and gave me space to explore who I am.

– Coming of Age Participant

Gender At Gaia Passages

Noticing that we changed our name from Gaia Girls Passages to Gaia Passages?


At Gaia Passages, we empower those who are socialized as, or identify with, the term “girl,” and we honor those who transcend our inherited gender binaries. We see the growing gender fluid movement as an important evolutionary step towards more inclusive and creative thinking.  Led by the courage of our youth, it is an invitation to us all to step out of predetermined boxes and into the full range of our authenticity.  


A recent study by the Williams Institute at the University of California ­– Los Angeles found that, among teens in California, 27 percent identified with some level of gender nonconformity.


Gaia Passages is committed to creating safe, inclusive, and accessible spaces for all our participants. We are dedicated to building trust within the Gender & Sexually Expansive (LGBTQ2IA+) community by committing to continuous learning, and providing programs that align with the most current best practices. Interested youth are welcome to join our queer council, where we can center their voices and experiences for community resilience.  


We strive to be a community where you can show up as your full self, and trust  that all staff and the greater community culture is shaped to honor your unique gifts, while supporting every individual’s needs for respect and belonging.