Banish single-use plastics. Start a cleanup initiative in your community. Kindness.

April 22nd is Earth Day and this year’s theme is “Invest in our Planet”. And we can invest in the future by investing in our future, the young people who will take on the mantle of protecting our planet.

Butterflies. Elephants. Your favorite Auntie.


Planet Earth supports life for millions of diverse species and billions of people. Billions. Every day we make choices that impact the planet and it is up to us to protect ourselves and the systems that help sustain us from keeping waterways and rivers clean and unpolluted to maintaining the vital ecosystems that help preserve biodiversity in nature.

Taking care of our planet and investing in the future can be something as simple as being mindful of the source of the items you purchase and collect to just helping educate your community and the people around you on best practices to help the planet. Another way to help heal the planet is to nurture the next generation of nature’s caretakers to be aware and thoughtful, creative, empowered leaders committed to creating a socially and environmentally just world.

And that is part of our mission at Gaia Passages. Drawing from a variety of evidence-based best practices for youth and adult learning, Gaia Passages’ programs are designed to be culturally-responsive and to support participants in growing deeply personal relationships with nature as teachers, guides, and lifelong friends. We envision a future where our young people know their intrinsic value and embody earth-based wisdom to participate with creativity and care toward a world that supports the well-being of all. We can all work together to heal our relationships with Earth and each other. We all know that being present in nature heals us, nurtures us, and brings us together in ways that help us navigate life’s challenges.

We wish you a happy Earth Day!

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