Today is May 1, May Day, which marks the transition of the promise of spring into the full bloom of summer and its bounty. It is a day when we celebrate the vitality of the sun and the earth and we go from April showers to May flowers, and then often back to May showers. Rain or shine, it is a perfect time to plant seeds and watch them grow.

Here at Gaia Passages, our spring programming is in full swing. We are taking advantage of the warm weather, budding flowers, sprouting trees, and taking our groups out to embrace nature blossoming and barrelling towards the full abundance of summer. At Gaia Passages, we choose to focus on the future by working with, nurturing, and mentoring our youth, the next generation of Earth Stewards.

Gaia Passages was created with an understanding that the root cause of many challenges that young people face – including low self-confidence, fractured relationships with peers and family, and self-harming behaviors – stem from the disconnection modern humans have with the natural earth cycles and the more-than-human world. We believe that connection with nature is essential to honoring ourselves and the earth.

It is a great time to get out and romp in nature. For National Parks Week from April 16-24, we celebrated local Bay Area parks every day on our social media accounts. Feel free to look back and plan your next adventure! We wish you grass under your feet, abundance, and balance as we move into the new season. Happy May Day!

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