Photo of guide Angela in purple sweater with grassy landscape behind

Angela is a teacher, mentor, guide and lover of being alive. Angela brings the gifts of wildness, love, humor, and deep witnessing to others’ unique unfolding. She has an innate ability to create inclusiveness, play, and authenticity in any setting. Her extensive work with youth and adults in diverse environments…

guide Andrea smiling with hat on a sunny beach

Andrea is a teaching artist originally from New York City, but has found the landscapes of California to feel most like home.  She has been working with children for over 17 years, is passionate about play and the outdoors; and loves to inspire confidence, joy, and creativity in her students. She has taught dance/movement,…

Guide Kahayag smiling and seated in tall grasses

Kahayag was born and raised in the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines, and she is now based within Chochenyo Ohlone territories. As a child she would run wild in the jungles with her friends and rip open fresh mangoes with her teeth. Nowadays she still runs wild, though the jungles…

Portrait of Guide Talia on beach at sunset

Talia is an LA born Xicana living in the Bay Area. She is an SF State alumni who has a passion for plant medicine, food justice/equity and sustainable farming practices. Since graduating in 2017 she has earned a certificate in Applied Agroecology and had the opportunity to intern at Alemany Farm in…

Portrait of Guide Aria

Aria feels so grateful to have grown up wandering the Oak Woodlands of rural Sonoma Valley, the Valley of the Moon. She has an innate, deep love of young people and the land she is from which has guided her in her nature connection work for the past twelve years. As a…

Portrait of guide Oona in shrub landscape

Oona is an Earth tender, craftswomxn, student of healing arts, and youth educator. Her work and study has been centered around the ways that growing, sharing, and eating food together can facilitate deep healing for our communities, human and nonhuman. Oona has worked as a farm manager and food justice…

portrait of guide Sabrina with dog and lake in background

Sabrina was born and raised on unceded Coast Miwok land, just north of the Golden Gate bridge, surrounded by trails through nature and the waters of the Bay. As a child she fantasized about life with faeries in the woods and living breathing underwater with our friends of the sea.…


Chiara grew up in Oakland, occupied territory of the Chocenyo Ohlone people, and has so much love for the East bay hills and their plants and wildlife. She deepened her connection to nature and learned valuable practices of awareness as a participant of the Weaving Earth Immersion program from 2013-2016.


Maya is a teacher, naturalist, grassroots organizer and lover of the wild. Maya lives her life seeking to heighten her awareness of the natural world and finding her place within her ecosystem.

Closeup portrait of guide Martha with mushrooms
Program Manager, Guide

Martha is a nature guide, forager, herbal-medicine and natural dye hobbyist, regenerative garden educator, wilderness trip leader, and certified California Naturalist.

Photo of Guide and Program Coordinator Natasha
Program Coordinator, Guide

Natasha (or Nosh) is a lover of story, water, play, and sun. As a mixed-heritage Filipina-American, Natasha inhabits multiple realities and prioritizes the nuance of intersectional realities. She was born and raised here, on unceded Ohlone land.  She loves this colonized land and is highly motivated by a desire to…