Guide, ROP Apprentice

Larissa is a ceremonialist, healing arts practitioner, meditation facilitator, and womxn of prayer. She was born and raised in occupied Cahuilla territory (Riverside, CA).

Board Director

Lauren is passionate about health--in human bodies, relationships, communities and landscapes--and dedicated to developing regenerative public spaces.


Sarai has worked as a mentor for, founded and directed girls’ groups and coming of age based programs individually and for organizations such as the ALEPH Kallah, Wilderness Torah, Wild Earth and the Vermont Wilderness School.


Dezirae is a storyteller, artist, and youth educator in the bay area. Her art and stories are inspired by reflections of the interconnectedness of all things.

Guide, Board Member

Constance Washburn, MA is a facilitator, educator, community organizer and program designer brings together diverse groups to experience the depth of their interconnection to the web of life, to generate vision and facilitate collaborative efforts to meet the needs of participants and Earth.

Board Member

Lori has spent more than 25 years in brand marketing and communications functions across beauty, wellness, sustainability and non-profit business categories.

Board Member

For over 30 years, Megan has worked for numerous organizations and schools serving girl-identified youth, including GirlVentures (co-founder), Mother-Daughter Mentoring (founder), Girls Leadership (instructor), and The Hamlin School for Girls (instructor).

Board Member

Board Member

Cheery has been a stay-at-home mom since I made that bold decision to retire myself from corporate finance just several months before my only child turned one year old and never looked back since then.

Operations Director

Kathren believes we can transform ourselves and our world by connecting with our body’s wisdom, earth wisdom, and the healing power of nature. As a young adult, she learned the ropes of environmental education at the YMCA of the Rockies, where she led group hikes and taught at their summer…

Guide, Teen Backpacking Program Manager

Caitlin believes there are few gifts greater than fostering connection to mother nature and to the greater community. She believes a large part of that connection starts with women and girls.


Chiara grew up in Oakland, occupied territory of the Chocenyo Ohlone people, and has so much love for the East bay hills and their plants and wildlife. She deepened her connection to nature and learned valuable practices of awareness as a participant of the Weaving Earth Immersion program from 2013-2016.