Photo of guide Angela in purple sweater with grassy landscape behind

Angela Vincent


    Angela is a teacher, mentor, guide and lover of being alive. Angela brings the gifts of wildness, love, humor, and deep witnessing to others’ unique unfolding. She has an innate ability to create inclusiveness, play, and authenticity in any setting. Her extensive work with youth and adults in diverse environments makes her an adaptable and uplifting presence. Angela enjoys spending her time wandering, learning, singing, playing, swimming in alpine lakes and wild rivers, bathing like a lizard on hot rocks, and above all, being awed by the beauty and irony of the world. Angela has been a dedicated high school Spanish and ESL teacher for the last decade, working primarily with inner-city and Native American youth. Through these experiences she has developed many life-long meaningful relationships with students and families. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

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