Aunye Scott- Anderson 

    Aunye Scott- Anderson  (Dragonfly)  is a multidimensional creatrix from Los Angeles who has been utilizing her intuitive gifts to inspire childlike wonder in young and old. She weaves whimsical patterns using copper, brass, and crystals to create high-powered healing talismans and artistic healing tools inspired by ancestral stories channeled through her. She is a natural-born surrealist, seeing the world as poetry burning to be expressed. She graduated from Kalamazoo College in 2018 with a B.A. in English with a Creative Writing and Media Studies concentration and has since been using her talents to help educate children with curriculums based upon mindfulness, creativity, critical thinking, and critical love/understanding. She has been in the practice of holding safe space with youth and young adults for 6 years, with her beginning practice of facilitation in various programs for youth in San Jose, Costa Rica. She is a natural-born griot-poet and loves incorporating song, spoken word, and laughter in her everyday expression with others. 

    Aunye is excited to be a steward of playful awareness to your young explorer as we reimagine new worlds in a timeless wilderness landscape with Gaia Passages.

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