photo of cherry jumping on green lawn with palm trees in background

Cherry Fajardo

Board Member

Cherry has been a stay-at-home mom since I made that bold decision to retire myself from corporate finance just several months before my only child turned one year old and never looked back since then. Motherhood has been most fulfilling and it’s also full of challenges very different from any job I knew. The varied and enriching work experiences I had however, came handy in dealing with the greater responsibilities of parenting. I have a degree in Physical Therapy but life has other plans for me and spent the better part of my career in the field of international finance working for multinational companies in Switzerland. Throughout my corporate career, I was privileged to be surrounded by colleagues from all walks of life who taught me a thing or two, some of them had been wonderful mentors and a few became good friends even to this day. My greatest mentor however has always been life itself. It has taken me to many places allowing me to experience the world and its people as I get to know my evolving self and my deeper connection to the world around me. In my daily life, I strive to live by my core values of freedom, individuality, respect, integrity, equality, coexistence, love, peace and gratitude. At this point in my life, I am grateful that I can look back and count my blessings for accomplishing many of the goals I had set for myself, and at the same time, I am enthusiastic to further better myself, first and foremost as a mother, and a better citizen to my community and the world. I believe that there is a greater meaning to my personal accomplishments when I am able to share and give back to humanity. Now more than ever, my hope is for a more peaceful and compassionate world where my daughter and all children and the future generation can better thrive. In my spare time, I take pleasure in learning something new and doing things I love and are curious about. Lately, I have been discovering the art of tea as well as learning pottery to make my own tea bowls. I’ve also taken interest in gluten-free baking, home-made fermented foods and canning. Spending leisure time with my family is a bliss. Since coming to the Bay Area in 2011, we have enjoyed its beautiful surroundings and spending time in nature by taking hikes, going on road trips to explore new places and visiting local farms. Currently, Berkeley is our home.