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Danielle Ambrosino

ROP Apprentice

Daniella (SHE/HER) loves witnessing the wonders of nature, where curiosity and presence inspire a deep connection to herself and the world around her. As a child, she found that the quiet moments exploring and wandering in nature fueled her imagination and filled her senses. She was often found digging in the dirt, collecting rocks, creating nature art, rolling In the grass and developing friendships with the plants and critters she met along the way. She intimately knows the healing potential of nature, as time amongst the trees has been her grounding place to sit with and move through emotions. When she lost her mother at age 25, she emerged with a renewed passion for supporting and nourishing others through the essential transitions in life. She is grateful to now be a part of guiding young beings to move across thresholds with intention through ceremony, play and wilderness exploration. Daniella loves children and feels a natural connection to them. She has 15 years of experience and has worked with children of all ages in a variety of ways- as a big sister, a creative movement and dance teacher, a camp counselor, volunteer and nanny. She is passionate about creating safe spaces for young beings to express freely and share vulnerably. Currently, Daniella is a postpartum doula, supporting families pre- and postnatal through a holistic prism of care that honors the journey of parenthood as a sacred rite of passage deserving of deep care and nourishment.