Guide Kahayag smiling and seated in tall grasses

Kahayag Gabrielle-Fay


    Kahayag was born and raised in the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines, and she is now based within Chochenyo Ohlone territories. As a child she would run wild in the jungles with her friends and rip open fresh mangoes with her teeth. Nowadays she still runs wild, though the jungles have turned into oak groves and redwood forests. Kahayag has a background in organic agriculture and reproductive health education. Her journey with mentoring youth began when she started to question and challenge the taboo surrounding menstruation, which led her to design curriculum and create spaces for youth to learn about their cycles in empowering and informative ways. She believes in the power of bodily autonomy and the regeneration that occurs when we remember our innate relationship to ourselves, one another, and to the web of life. Kahayag is here to listen deeply, and to support youth as they navigate the questions, challenges, and blessings of growing up in a time of great change. In her free time, you will find her grooving in the garden and mindfully watering the herbs, laughing with friends, and researching the latest thing that has piqued her interest.

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