Larissa Arambula

Guide, ROP Apprentice

Larissa is a ceremonialist, healing arts practitioner, meditation facilitator, and womxn of prayer. She was born and raised in occupied Cahuilla territory (Riverside, CA). She is a descendant of Mexican, Dine and Irish lineages and has been working to reclaim her traditions. She has been studying and practicing various disciplines of meditation for over 8 years. Her biggest joy comes from organizing/facilitating nature-based ceremonies in honor of the cycles of the moon, changes of the seasons, and rite of passage. Larissa studied at UC Riverside, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Sustainability Studies. She currently resides and volunteers at PLACE for Sustainable Living in Oakland, CA, where she spends her time gardening, organizing ceremonies, and behind the screen as Social Media Steward. She is devoted to creating a regenerative future for the next generations and living in harmony with Mother Earth. And she is most passionate about assisting the youth on their journey to reconnecting to their ancestral lineages, their womb/hara spaces, and helping them fine-tune their intuitions.