Launa Sherrin


Launa was born and mostly raised on occupied Awaswas Ohlone land in Santa Cruz, CA. She spent her childhood freely roaming the redwood forests and creeks behind her parent’s home, befriending the creatures she found there and developing a deep connection to those lands. As she grew older, her longing for understanding of the physical world lead her to pursue an education in physics and geology before entering a career in water resources engineering. She’s worked as a hydrologist across many California watersheds, including the Tuolumne, Merced, and San Lorenzo rivers. She still works part time as an ecoengineer and finds fulfillment in restoring the natural flow to river and wetland ecosystems However, as Launa passed through her 20s, her awareness of the interconnectedness of all things grew, along with a deep desire to connect with youth, to share her knowledge and even more so to share her love of the natural world to which we all belong. So in 2018, Launa got connected with Gaia Girls Passages and started serving as a substitute Auntie for the Santa Cruz Wildflowers and she is thrilled to be working with GGP more this year! Launa believes that it is through an understanding of the oneness of existence, this interconnectivity of all life, that we can come to live in harmony with all the other beings that share this great planet with us. For her, this is the most critical lesson of the modern era and she believes that it is through the grounded expression of empowered females that we will come to see the changes our world so desperately needs.