Portrait of Board Member Lori with dog

Lori Diamond

Board Member

Lori spent much of her life living, working and playing in New York City, until seven years ago, when marriage and opportunity changed everything about life as she knew it. Fast forward: Lori settled into freelance work (in the English countryside!), became a student of food justice while working for a non-profit, and toured the world while supporting her husband’s career. Their travels took them to Manchester and London, St Louis, Dallas, and most recently, the North Bay Area of San Francisco.

A lifelong marketer and brand strategist specializing in beauty, wellness and sustainability–turned happenstance nomad–Lori found herself for the first time surrounded by mountains, blue skies and glorious sunshine for eight months straight. Not particularly outdoorsy, she challenged herself to explore the hills behind her home in Lucas Valley, splash through rippling creeks, and navigate narrow dirt pathways – with Harper (pictured above) in tow – oftentimes in the wrong footwear. 

While celebrating Thanksgiving back east, Lori reconnected with her cousin Sarai who introduced her to the work she was doing to cultivate resilience, confidence and self-sufficiency in girls* through nature connection. Moved by this mission, and recognizing the importance of developing such a practice (no matter what age), Lori felt compelled to contribute her skills and enthusiasm to help advance Gaia Passages’ work. 

Lori currently resides in Wine Country with her crew, working on a socially-driven startup that, in part, supports the work of eco-aware florists and floral designers committed to using only American-grown and/or locally sourced and seasonal blooms in their bouquets and arrangements.