Program Director Michelle with child and dog in outdoor setting

Michelle Woo

Program Director

    Michelle is a first generation descendent of Chinese immigrant parents. She grew up in the dense suburbs of Los Angeles, CA and has made it her life’s work breaking down social barriers and supporting young people through intergenerational and life-long learning, leadership opportunities, and connections to wilderness. She is fascinated by cultural traditions, rites, and rituals, human and community development, and ecological systems. She is passionate about finding new ways to nurture intercultural and interspecies connections, helping others find their power, eliminating waste, and normalizing place-based living. In a previous life, she studied and trained to be a midwife and had the extreme privilege to support 100 births. In her free time, Michelle and her toddler enjoy spending time with family and friends, finding and going on adventures, discovering new foods or recipes, and reading/telling stories from those who came before us and about the kind of world we want to live in.