portrait of elder Mutima

Mutima Imani


Mutima Imani is a social justice visionary, reverend, master trainer and facilitator working to heal the heart of humanity by providing 21st century tools for personal/professional development and transformation. As a global diversity specialist, she is highly skilled at bringing diverse groups together to practice heart centeredness, resolve conflicts, transmute old wounds and establish new relationships where all are seen and honored. Imani works with people conducting Civic Leadership Training and Restorative Justice Circles. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Phenomenology. Imani is passionate about how all things work together and what humans can learn from the natural world. She a trainer for the Work that Reconnects International Facilitation Development Program called the Spiral Journey. Queen Rev. Mutima Imani is inspired to call forth the highest intention and innate wisdom in people for a more loving world.