Portrait of guide Oona in shrub landscape

Oona Ellis


Oona is an Earth tender, craftswomxn, student of healing arts, and youth educator. Her work and study has been centered around the ways that growing, sharing, and eating food together can facilitate deep healing for our communities, human and nonhuman. Oona has worked as a farm manager and food justice educator at East New York Farms! youth farm in Brooklyn, NY, organizing gardeners from over 60 community gardens to do things like selling local produce at a weekly farmers market, hosting block parties, and resisting city-planned gentrification. She holds a certification in permaculture design from the Finger Lakes School of Permaculture and a B.S. in Soil Science at Cornell University’s agriculture school. Originally from Lenape territory (Queens, NYC), Oona’s introduction to nature-based living was through involvement in intergenerational cross-cultural guerilla gardens in the marginal spaces of her neighborhood. In deep gratitude to the elders who’ve shared their practices with her, Oona is passionate about honoring those teachings by holding playful educational space for younger folks. Oona is devoted to connecting with the ancestral practices of her lineages from Honduras and the British Isles, and eager to support others in their own journeys of intergenerational healing and reclamation. These days, Oona can be found tending the garden and apothecary at Canticle Farm, an intergenerational, intercultural, interfaith community that’s experimenting with creating connection across difference.