portrait of elder and board member Michelle
Board Member

photo of cherry jumping on green lawn with palm trees in background
Board Member

Cheery has been a stay-at-home mom since I made that bold decision to retire myself from corporate finance just several months before my only child turned one year old and never looked back since then.

Operations Director

Kathren believes we can transform ourselves and our world by connecting with our body’s wisdom, earth wisdom, and the healing power of nature. As a young adult, she learned the ropes of environmental education at the YMCA of the Rockies, where she led group hikes and taught at their summer…


Chiara grew up in Oakland, occupied territory of the Chocenyo Ohlone people, and has so much love for the East bay hills and their plants and wildlife. She deepened her connection to nature and learned valuable practices of awareness as a participant of the Weaving Earth Immersion program from 2013-2016.


Maya is a teacher, naturalist, grassroots organizer and lover of the wild. Maya lives her life seeking to heighten her awareness of the natural world and finding her place within her ecosystem.

Guide, Ceremonial Arts

Erika is a Ceremonial Leader and visual artist. She leads sweat lodges and sacred pipe ceremonies with our moms and older girls and holds a deep understanding of initiation, ceremony and various healing modalities from her own participation and education over the last 20 years.

Program Director Michelle with child and dog in outdoor setting
Program Director

Michelle is a first generation descendent of Chinese immigrant parents. She grew up in the dense suburbs of Los Angeles, CA and has made it her life’s work breaking down social barriers and supporting young people through intergenerational and life-long learning, leadership opportunities, and connections to wilderness. She is fascinated…

Program Manager

Ursula is most at home in the water. She was born and raised in the beautiful land of the Bay Area, Ohlone Territory, and loves to wander the wild lands surrounding the city.

Closeup portrait of guide Martha with mushrooms
Program Manager, Guide

Martha is a nature guide, forager, herbal-medicine and natural dye hobbyist, regenerative garden educator, wilderness trip leader, and certified California Naturalist.

Photo of Guide and Program Coordinator Natasha
Program Coordinator, Guide

Natasha (or Nosh) is a lover of story, water, play, and sun. As a mixed-heritage Filipina-American, Natasha inhabits multiple realities and prioritizes the nuance of intersectional realities. She was born and raised here, on unceded Ohlone land.  She loves this colonized land and is highly motivated by a desire to…

Gaia Passages' Board Member Amena smiling with horse
Board Member

Lauren is passionate about health--in human bodies, relationships, communities and landscapes--and dedicated to developing regenerative public spaces.

board of director Poet smiling with hat in a natural setting
Board Member

Poet is a child of immigrants who sought refuge and new beginnings in the SF Bay Area after surviving the devastating Guatemalan earthquake on February 3rd, 1976. With great determination Poet is pursuing educational goals and community initiatives to enhance the lives of marginalized people. Being a first generation Guatemalan…