portrait of guide Sabrina with dog and lake in background

Sabrina Ferreira-Clifton

Guide, Guide Rep to Board

Sabrina was born and raised on unceded Coast Miwok land, just north of the Golden Gate bridge, surrounded by trails through nature and the waters of the Bay. As a child she fantasized about life with faeries in the woods and living breathing underwater with our friends of the sea. In this lifetime she is a sister, auntie, singer, grassroots community organizer, wild womxn y mas. She has worked many years with youth in the outdoors, serving as a guide towards nature, an empowering mentor, a curious student, a loving sister, and a safe friend. Her passion for nature connection stems from her experiences within and without nature — from an understanding that we must live interdependently with all beings, creating safe spaces for creative expression of truth, love, and care in order to thrive and sustain life. You can find Sabrina singing to the trees and waters in gratitude for gifting her with such spaces and/or sunbathing with her dog, River.