Sabrina Sierra

    Sabrina was born and raised in the East Bay and many of her favorite childhood memories include exploring parks and open spaces in this region. She is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and has years of experience providing child and adolescent therapy, primarily through her work as a school therapist in K-12 settings. She has also worked with youth in a variety of other capacities during the last 15 years, including Seeds of Awareness and Bay Area Girls Rock Camp. As a child of immigrants with a multiracial lineage and multicultural background, Sabrina is interested in practices that deepen relationships to ancestors of both blood and place. She is passionate about community building, fostering inclusive environments, connecting to nature, and encouraging play and creative expression. Some things that bring her joy are: drumming, road trips, sci-fi, karaoke, dyeing textiles, and sending snail mail to friends.


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