Sophia Martina Lopez


    Sophia is an herbalist, full spectrum doula/birthkeeper, intuitive healing arts practitioner, ritual leader, and earth based artist.  She was born and raised at home on occupied Ohlone land under the loving watch of ancient oaks rooted by trickling creeks that sing in the morning sun.  She is a descendant of Mexican, Choctaw, British Isles, and Mediterranean lineages and has been working to honor each one in her healing and art practice daily.  She feels most at home with her hands on the skin of a drum playing with the earth sky rhythm that calls her to sing and dance beauty into being.  Her wish for youth is that they find their inner song and break through any fear that blocks them from being their most true, courageous, and strong selves.  She is here to guide others on their journeys back to their very own hearts as others have helped her do so before.  She walks in circle with you hand in hand.

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