Being here always makes me feel grateful for life.

– Wildflowers Participant


Program Tuition Tens our Soil and Supports the Growth of Vibrant Young People

Financial commitment from our families is essential for having a solid ground and nutritious soil so we can grow the best possible programs. With Gaia Passages’ commitment to cultural thriving, we also provide financial assistance to families who would not be able to participate otherwise. When you pay our actual or median tuition, Gaia Passages is able to reach more youth and offer more scholarships. Payment plans are available within registration.

Actual Cost

This tuition level is what it truly costs to run our programs and keep the organization vital and healthy. Registration at this level supports our circular. governance structure, cultural thriving initiatives, and ongoing staff training and curriculum development.

Median Tuition

This tuition level covers the majority of program costs and is comparable to other local programs that offer a similar amount and depth of programming. Paying median tuition tempers Gaia Passages’ fundraising burden.

Subsidized Tuition

This tuition level only covers direct programming costs and does not take into account the operational support required to process payroll, market program offerings, and otherwise run an organization.

Scholarship Tuition

If your family cannot stretch to pay the Subsidized Tuition, and there is no one else in your family or community who can supplement, then please apply for work-trade or a scholarship. Gaia Passages’ goal is to turn no one away for lack of funds, so please do reach out if you truly need it.


Think about how you can stretch, work with our payment plans, or find other creative ways of raising money for your program, before requesting a scholarship. Offering financial resources to the best of your ability is supporting your child’s well-being now, but the influence of deep connection, supportive mentoring and community can last for the rest of their life. In addition, you are supporting your child’s mentors to be paid a living wage, and a movement that is creating widespread connection, confidence, courage, and care-taking of our planet, whose ripples will have positive effects far and wide.

How To Apply For A Scholarship

We offer scholarships and work trade for participants with financial need prioritizing BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and LGBTQIA+ youth or families.  Limited scholarships+work trade are available and we do our best to not turn anyone away.   We offer limited scholarships through the registration process.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship beyond what is offered through the registration process, please complete  our Scholarship Application Form. We will get back to you within 2 weeks and inform you of your application status.

More on why our programs cost what they do

In order for us to bring the depth and scope of programming that we do, from wilderness skills to social emotional skills, from kindergarteners to highschoolers, parent programs, camp trips, summer camps, and more, it takes a lot of behind the scenes scheming and dreaming. This includes curriculum design, staff training, infrastructure management, legal and financial upkeep, parent communication, and so much more. We also value having very low staff:student ratios, with 6:1 in our older programs and 5:1 in our younger programs, and offering meetings and gatherings for adult caregivers outside of our kid programs to create community and support for families. In order to give our time, expertise, and resources to create something of precious value for your child and family, our staff need to be paid a living wage (for the crazy expensive Bay Area) so that we can stick around to be long term mentors for your youth. We know that people local to the Bay Area are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living. It is putting tension on you, the consumer, and us, the provider. So – our goal is to be as transparent with our finances as possible so that we – together – can be the team that supports Gaia Passages to thrive for your child and for many more who need this support into the future.

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